Extortionists in court


Two alleged extortionists appeared in the Katutura Magistrate Court last week, Friday, after their arrest early that week.
Dirke Joel and Christo Los are on triple charges of extortion, theft and impersonation of police officers.
On the 14th of this month while in Katutura, the pair allegedly approached a certain Raandapwa Kazapua, and tried to squeeze money out of him by pretending to be police officers.
They instilled fear into the man, with improper motives and asked him for N$1000 but he only gave them N$500.
They remained scot-free till two days later when the police caught up with and arrested them.
Los is currently out on a N$1000 bail, while Joel remains in police custody at the Wanaheda Police Station.
The two-some is expected to re-appear in court on 5th October this year.