Man impregnates sister & live-in

twenty-nine year old, Okakarara man, Ervin Kameeta was very busy early this year – he impregnated his 25-year old half-sister as well as his live-in girlfriend.
Both women are expecting to deliver this September.
Last week, Kameeta, who works in Windhoek, confirmed and boasted about impregnating the two.
“Yes, I impregnated both of them, so what? It is none of your business,” said Kameeta before he abruptly ended the telephone conversation.
It’s not clear whether Kameeta had a long relationship with his half sister, Joyce Kapiure, who was also living-in with a man or one of those one –night stands gone wrong.
V-Metro could not reach Kapiure or Kameeta’s unnamed live-in girlfriend.
A close relative who preferred anonymity for fear of victimisation told V-Metro that Kameeta discovered his half-sister’s pregnancy late and could not abort.
The relative also said Kameeta tried to convince Kapiure to tell her parents that the baby was her live-in boyfriend’s but she refused to lie.
“They are both in steady relationships. They just cheated on their partners until she became pregnant. What is done in darkness eventually comes out to the light.
“The mother is very devastated and ashamed by her daughter’s misconduct. She has no choice but to support her,” the relative said.
Kameeta and Kapiure were sired by one father but have different mothers. Kameeta grew up in Okakarara while Kapiure was born in Epukiro.
According to the relative, the two met for the first time last year as strangers but became very close friends.
“They found out about their blood relations while already in a romantic relationship but could not end their bond, claiming to be deeply in love and that the damage had already been done,” said the relative.