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Beware, remember 2007 ÔÇô Ngurare to the Swapo elders

by Villager Reporters

Swapo Party Youth League general secretary Elijah Ngurare has told the party’s elders that they should be vigilante because the ‘enemy of yesterday is still amongst us’.
 In a speech read on his behalf to the Swapo Elders’ Council congress at the weekend, Ngurare reminded them that the 2007 threat that saw some elders defecting from ‘Swapo party to form an opposition project (RDP) which operates on the Nyamu Notes meant to weaken the Swapo party from within’ still exists.
“We must continue to be vigilant because the enemy of yesterday is still amongst us. The youth are like the dogs that bark to warn the elders, we are your watchdogs; and thus don’t be allergic to us.
“We shall therefore . . . remain patriotically stubborn because, in our view, all those who genuinely and selflessly fought for the liberation struggle under the banner of SWAPO of Namibia commanded by Comrade Sam Nujoma did so with the vigor and determination for a Namibia that is free, democratic and independent where the young and old are not adversaries but working in synergy for the second liberation struggle of economic development and empowerment; nothing more; nothing less,” he wrote.
He also said the youth shall ‘never forget and never betray the revolution on the silver platter of political expediency dictated from America, Europe, Asia or even Mars’.
Ngurare said the elders were the tree that bore good fruits therefore the youth league cannot fail them, “In this case the tree is SWAPO Party and the tree is Namibia and the fruit is independence both politically, culturally, spiritually, technological and above all economical.
“This is the generational agenda of our lifetime. In other words many of you our esteemed elders, during your youthful years, you were prepared to die for us to be politically free; and you were prepared to be imprisoned for our freedom and for that many of our martyrs are longer alive because their Blood Waters Our Freedom.
“This is the assurance we want to give you our elders. This is the message of solidarity we want to deliver to you. It is our fervent hope that it is the same message that you all share,” he wrote.
Ngurare also said the youth league had great respect for the elders, “It should be understood that the SPYL is respectful to its Constitution, to SWAPO Party Constitution, to SWAPO Party Political Programme, Namibian Constitution and above all respectful towards the time-tested African values espoused by you God-fearing elders.
“Equally, despite our age, we shall continue to hold the right view that the overwhelming majority of young Namibians will vote for SWAPO Party to govern and to direct its government not the other way around,” he further said.
Ngurare also said the youth will remain the pulse of the nation because they have the energy and necessary ideas to contribute to the national agendas.
“The young people are thus the pulse of the Nation. It is indeed self-evident that in the case of Namibia, political parties and all other facets of the society are predicated on the support of the young people,” he wrote.