Police storm Gazza show



The Windhoek City Police stormed Monaco Lounge last Saturday and ordered the club to close down before Gazza could perform.
Gazza was launching his Wamboe in New York video but he did not get the chance to either perform or launch the video.
The city police ordered everybody to leave the place just minutes when Qonja was about to go on stage to perform just a few minutes after 24h00.
Other artists who could not perform were Wambuseun and Blacksheep.
Gazza later came on stage to apologise for the distribution of the show and also tried to explain that he would not be able to perform.
The angry fans threw insults at Gazza whilst demanding back their money.
Gazza noticed that his fans were really disappointed by this and he called his back-up dancers on stage and continued to sing the popularly demonstration song Kumonkwerila while stumbling their feet on stage.
This did not calm the angry fans down as they continuously asked Gazza to go on stage and perform.  
Twenty-year old Suami who went to the show dressed in her 467 gear despite the very cold weather said, “I don’t care if Gazza did not perform. I see him perform all the time. I went to Monaco to go see the video. Why did we not see the video?”
Another angered Gazza Loide who is popular known as “GazzaBosslady” expressed her anger demanding to know “Why was he apologising for not performing? Was the event not Wamboe in New York Video launch? Why did we not see the video?”
The show that was scheduled to start at 19h00 only started around 22h00. Gazza’s fans desperately waited to be among the first to view the video.
DJ Fisherman, who is the in-house DJ at Monaco Lounge and also in charge of management said, “We misplaced the fitness license of Monaco. It was, in fact, at the house of the owner and when the police came and demanded for it we did not have it.”
He also added that Monaco’s normal closing time is six.
Gazza’s Manager, Armas Shivute, however, said that he was just as disappointed as all the fans that were at the show.
“In the first place, I don’t think there is anybody that goes to a place like Monaco and demand to see if all their papers are in order. We did what we had to do like it’s normally done. We did not know that they had not renewed their license as they had to.
“The video was, however, meant to play with audio which the police told us not to do. If we had played the video we would have been arrested.The owners of Monaco where, however, not available for comment as they have left the country for Cape Town.
Armas added that the GMP management apologises to everybody that paid to come see the video and the performances.
“We are working on a show for fans to enter for free just to show that we never meant to disappoint them in any way”.
The video Wamboe in New York will be screened soon on local television.