Inner Guidance

Immediately after Anita was diagnosed HIV positive, she phoned me to discuss counseling and possible treatment options.
I told her that part of her healing would be to learn how to trust herself to make her own decisions about treatment after gathering information from a number of experts.
She later wrote to me, ‘I remember that I felt scared when you affirm that in recovery, I would know what to do to deal with the HIV in my body. I remember thinking that these were life- and- death choices and not at par with deciding how to spend some weekend.
‘Then what came to me suddenly was that my soul has always been at stake all these years. I was afraid I was killing myself. I do believe in the mind, body and soul connection. With the decision to make concerning my HIV treatment, I had this sense that I would have a real chance to trust my inner guidance. Trusting myself at such a deep level was frightening, but I can gratefully say now several months later this stuff really does work, that I have guided myself to my own recovery. It gives me renewed courage to continue to trust.’
Our inner guidance can direct us towards whatever is most life enhancing and life-fulfilling for us. Anita learned that she needed to work with herself and the treatment that work best for her, even in the face of HIV.
Not only that, she learned that she could even enjoy her life at the same time. She did this by allowing herself to be led by how she was feeling at each moment of the day. Each step of the way, she moved towards the decision that felt the best to her. When you move towards that which is most fulfilling and life enhancing, recovery follows regardless of what your health is like at the time.
Our inner guidance system is mediated via our thoughts, emotions, dreams and bodily feelings. Our bodies are designed to act as receiving and transmitting stations for every energy and information.
Living in touch with our inner guidance involves feeling our way through life using all of ourselves: mind, body, emotions and spirit.
When I refer to this issue, I mean the various ways we can listen and use our inner guidance to make conscious change in our lives, behaviour, relationship with others and health.