Woman sentenced for foul-mouth, property damage

A woman felt the strength of law after her misbehaviour was brought to an end when she was sentenced to pay a N$2000 fine or serve a six-month imprisonment this week.
Beatha Kamande, 29, was arrested on 27 February this year after she assaulted a woman on two different occasions in Katutura.
Her first offence was on 4 February this year when she insulted and defiled the unidentified woman’s dignity by yelling at her, “I will f**k you up, you think like a vagina!”
Court documents do not say what had provoked her. However, a few days later, she physically assaulted the same woman again at Penduka Bar in Golgotha, Katutura.
She threw a cider bottle at her but instead of hitting the woman; she hit her car’s windscreen and broke it.
“I wanted to throw the bottle at her but it hit her car instead,” she admitted to the court.
The mother of two caused N$7000-worth of damage to the car and was immediately arrested.
In mitigation, she asked the court to be lenient with her since she is unemployed, has two children who now live with her parents and that she is a chef student and could not afford any high fines, hence the N$2000 fine or six-month time.