Lest we forget



Not only is there speed, but there is complete ignorance and recklessness on our highways like never before.
Was on the road recently and I found out that young people, those who drive fancy cars, have become obsessed with speed and they don’t care at what speed you drive, they will overtake you anyway.
I was surprised at the level of ignorance, as some of these guys would overtake at a curve or an uphill. Their seats are usually jacked down to a point where they can barely see the road and then bounce on the double, putting the pedal on the floor. They do not heed the overstated message that speed kills and don’t care about all the accidents that keep claiming innocent people’s lives.
A wise woman recently reminded me of all the hardship that car accidents have brought to a large number of Namibian families. I learnt that people who now have wheels for legs as a result of driving fast curse that day of their lives, everyday wishing they could turn back the hands of time and get a chance to do it all over again - reverse the day, reverse the car and reverse the accident.
If you want to put your life on the line, make sure you are alone in your fancy car and your accident shall not affect others around or those close to you. There have been enough fatal crushes this year alone, what more lesson do you want?