Go where - Malawi or hell?



Exit, when you start something good, give it a good finishing; that is a rule in entertainment.
We don’t get what you might have been trying to achieve with Go to Malawi’s video but that was some bull, mate.
The video has just come out and believe me, all your fans from all corners of the country have been waiting for it in anticipation but all that hype was for nothing.
We get it. The Namas affected us all but what did you do to ‘Go to Malawi’? It was the hottest song last year and it is loved just as much this year but the music video does not do justice to it.
When great songs like Deception and Dirty Kandeshi came, we expected the music videos to live up to the tracks and they did. You, Neslouw and ML cooked a great song but you burnt the video to ashes.
Go to Malawi’s video looks like it just got back from vacation in Malawi and a young, creative and talented artist like you know better than to throw this “monstrosity” at us.
We were looking forward to a theme to the video, with a leading girl in the background, you know, the girl that’s refusing to go to Malawi in the song.
Oh, by the way, the music video girls are very hot but we cannot tell which one of them must get over you. Who exactly should go to Malawi?
It’s also not clear why the girl in the black dress is refusing to get into the taxi, the one you are ‘kwata kwataring’.
This should have been a great opportunity to put acting skills into the song. Where is the bedroom action and the crying? Instead, you put in two-metre tall chicks who couldn’t act to save their own lives.
All the girls at the counter in the bar sneer at you. We don’t recall you hitting all that in the actual song. Sound and visual quality are up to standards but the imagination and creativity are limited by God knows what.
We take it, we will not be having this conversation again? Do us proud on screen too, hey.