Eternal kiss



Public displayed affection is not a norm even in the City of Windhoek but outside the National Arts Gallery is a couple who just won’t stop kissing.
Yes it’s the sculpture of the passionate kissing couple outside NAGN just opposite Robert Mugabe Clinic, erected earlier this year and is the master piece of Alfeus Mvula.
The sculpture has become a tourist attraction and students often pose for pictures in front of it.
Those that have seen the sculpture probably think that the message is “it’s OK to show love in public” and yes that’s the idea but the main one is to promote public art awareness. More sculptures are expected to be put up in the future according to Mvula.
“Kissing and love is a universal thing. We want people to love,” he added.
The sculpture is going to be there for life, for the public to enjoy.
“The theme is bringing women and men together and also about the body,” Mvula said.
The details on this piece is wonderful, the woman stands at least 8 centimetres taller than the man who is embracing her, making it look like she has his head against her bossom but their lips are touching.
Her breasts are designed like diamonds to show how precious they are.
The bodies appear conjoined at the abdomen as if they share the same lower body. His hands on her and hers on him, to show how strong the love they share is.
The kiss they share looks like the type you give to your loved one for the first time after a break up or the type women gave to their husbands before they went to war.