Lady May strikes again



yes, I have said it before, saying it again now will make no difference I guess but I will say it again.
Saturday morning, Lady May’s stupidity struck again when the tiny singer asked for “non-pork bacon”. What the hell? Who does that? It’s like walking into a restaurant and asking if you can “have some sushi with no fish, please”.
And no, Namibians, she was not joking when she said this. I’m not saying Lady May is stupid, I’m simply saying she is very far from clever and when I mean far, I mean very far.
OK, fine, maybe she’s not stupid, she’s just dumb (if those two are actually different). Now I know why Lady May spends most of her time just doing domestic work in the house; she avoids any discussions, she avoids having to use her English to answer questions or give comments. Ask me how I know that, let’s just say I know people like her around me.
Trust me, she’s rolling with the old school rules, you know, those rules mom used to tell us when we were kids. Rules like ‘always make sure to wear a clean underwear’ and ‘the reason we have two ears and one mouth is to listen more and talk less’.
I don’t think Lady May is clever enough to remember that but if she comes home with the money, I’m sure I won’t even remember she’s dumb.