Inmates receive DrinkIQ session



Twenty Windhoek Central Prison male inmates attended a seminar on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse held by Namibia Breweries Limited in conjunction with Diageo in a project code named DrinkIQ.
DrinkIQ is an internationally acclaimed programme developed by Diageo, NBL’s international partner.
The seminar, to prepare inmates for their release and integration into the mainstream society, was held ahead of the International Day Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse commemoration next Tuesday.
The inmates were given inside knowledge of alcohol abuse and the different ways it affects the body.
Beatrice Shooka, a social worker intern from the Department of Correctional Services said, “Inmates need to understand the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse as part of their preparation for release and integration back into society after serving their sentences.”
Patricia Hoeksema, a corporate social investment manager at NBL explained, “NBL started rolling out DrinkIQ in 2009, to complement our other responsible drinking initiatives such as the Teenagers Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse and our drink-drive campaigns.
“Being invited to present DrinkIQ as a key component of the inmates’ preparations to commemorate the International Day Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse on the 26th of June, is a privilege and honour and confirms the reputation DrinkIQ has gained as a tool empowering individuals in their choices when it comes to alcohol,” she continued.
The sessions, she added, were voluntary. However, for the intense sessions where individuals discussed their life experiences only saw less than 25 inmates attending. “The inmates’ response was amazing as the questionnaires we made for them came out positively. They are now well equipped and know what to do after they complete their sentences,” she expressed.