Dr Mutumba scuffles lodge owner over ÔÇÿwifeÔÇÖ



university of Namibia (Unam) pro vice chancellor, Dr Boniface Mutumba, had a scuffle with a Rundu lodge owner after he had sneaked one of his female students into a single room two weeks ago.
Dr Mutumba, a Finance and Administration pro-vice chancellor, had a room booked for him by Unam when he went to attend the institution’s graduation ceremony in Rundu.
Unam’s vice chancellor, Prof Lazarus Hangura, summoned Mutumba over the issue and it’s not yet clear whether there will be an investigation into the matter or not.
Mutumba confirmed that he was summoned by Hangura but added that the vice chancellor wanted to understand what had gone on.   
“I had to clear it up with him (vice chancellor). I explained to him that it was really just a misunderstanding,” he said.
Mutumba also confirmed that there was a misunderstanding between Jay Perreira, Kavango River Lodge owner, and himself over his wife, Esther Mukamasinda, who had brought in a bag in the morning.
Perreira had demanded that Mutumba should pay extra for the woman whom he said is his customary wife.
“The man secretly brought a woman in when the booking was made for one person. He claimed that he hadn’t spent the night at the lodge, yet he was in my office the next morning when we discussed the matter,” insisted Pereira.
But Mutumba accused the lodge employees for being rude to his wife and mistreating her.
“My wife went to the lodge around six in the morning to drop a bag. But around 10am, the lodge’s management wanted her to move my luggage out, yet she had told them she was waiting for me. That is where the problem started,” explained Mutumba.
He further said that he did not know where he had been booked when he arrived in Rundu and he had to sleep somewhere else.
Pereira, however, denied disrespecting the woman in any way maintaining that she was not Mutumba’s wife because they had discussed the issue the next morning after discovering that there was an uninvited guest.
“It’s not true. She was not his wife. We spoke to him and the woman nicely. We explained why it was wrong to bring someone else there when the booking was for a single person,” said Pereira.
A receptionist at Kavango River Lodge who identified herself as Jacqueline said Mutumba’s issue was a serious one.
“That is a very serious matter here. We have been ordered by Ms Pereira not to talk about it to anyone. Some men who said they were from Unam came here to investigate but we referred them to Ms Pereira. I’m sorry I can’t make any further comment on the matter,” she said.