Aye, aye Barry, hold your high horses




The Brave Warriors have just had three somewhat impressive games where they did not even register convincing wins and my friend from Soccer House who has earned himself the nickname ‘Mr Aggressive’ and nearly earned him a boxing title for beating the hell out of a journalist is now going “I told you so.”
With all due respect to the young lads who have indeed done us proud over the last three weeks, I think it is too early for us to start with bragging rights just because we bowed out of the Afcon qualifiers against a weakened Liberia on Saturday.
Seriously, a one-nil loss against the ‘former’ mighty Super Eagles who were held to an all-draw by The Flames of Malawi a week after the clash with our boys and a one-nil victory against the Harambee Stars of Kenya here at home nogals, is nothing to really go about town with.
Remember, not so long ago, the Brave Warriors draped the self-same The Flames with a 5-0 win at the Independence Stadium while we beat the hell out of the Harambee Stars at their home ground in Nairobi.
So, the very same Malawians held the Nigerians that we failed to beat to a draw, albeit at home.
Truth be told, the Brave Warriors are yet to beat a top soccer playing side from West or North Africa in its history whether at home or away.
Teams such as Botswana and Lesotho have managed to hold their own against sides such as Nigeria and Egypt in the past, yet the Brave Warriors can only pride themselves for narrow losses against top soccer playing teams.
Don’t get me wrong. The current squad assembled by the likeable Kanjuuka is one of the best since the Mogane Boys of 1998 and I have no doubt that with the right guidance and assistance, they could go far.
But people like Barry the boxer-cum-soccer administrator do not seem to understand their roles.
You are not the coach, Barry. Kanjuuka does his part with the meagre resources you and your bosses avail to him. Yours is to ensure that you make enough resources available to the coach and his technical team to groom this squad for more success. Yes, we need more friendly matches against formidable opponents even from outside the continent.
Barry, your problem is that you cough before I sneeze!
Yes, as fans, we deserve the right to criticize the team when it does bad; and we will sing its praises when the lads deliver the goods.
That is life, Barry, you get scolded when you do bad and get rewarded when you do what is expected of you.
After all, Barry, when I go to Sam Nujoma Stadium or Independence Stadium to part with my dearly earned Hendrikies (this days Sam Nujomatjies), it is my hard-earned cash that I pay unlike you who attends such games courtesy of Soccer House, thus I, like the rest of the soccer loving Namibians, deserve the right to say what I want to say about the performance of MY national team.
 Barry! Barry! Barry! Wake up and smell the coffee for what it is.
Forever the Brave Warriors’ supporter!