No funds for Euro 2012



The Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) will not broadcast the Euro 2012 showpiece that kicked off last Friday and will conclude on 1st of July, due to lack of funds.
Local football fans who have shown an interest in the Euro competition for the past tournaments have expressed nothing but disgust for the national broadcaster.
Six Mieze; a fan of the defending champions, Spain, lambasted NBC for lack of entertainment questioning what has been done with the millions of Namibian dollars collected from those who have paid their TV licenses.
“This is really rubbish!” Said the clearly disappointed Mieze.
Contacted by The Villager Sport, NBC’s acting sport executive producer, Trimo Herbst said broadcasting the Euro 2012 would cost the broadcaster a lot of money, which it cannot afford.
“I am just an acting executive but I have been informed that broadcasting the Euro 2012 will cost us a fortune, which we do not have,” said Herbst.
He added that should funds permit, the national broadcaster will only broadcast the semi-final matches, not the group stage matches. However, the cash-strapped corporation plans to compile a half-hour programme showing nothing but highlights of the group stage matches.