Man rapes minor for food

A 40-year-old man (name known) from Likokola Village in Tsandi Constituency raped his 16-year-old neighbour after offering her food last week.
The suspect, divorced and living alone called the minor - a seventh grader at the Onaandi Primary School - into his house and offered her food.
The unsuspecting girl ate the food and upon finishing, he asked her going into his room, said the minor’s father (name withheld).
Upon entry into the bedroom, the suspect locked the door, and then started to disrobe the minor.
“When she tried to refuse, he said he would sleep with her because she had eaten his food,” related the girl’s father.
The man proceeded to rape his victim and afterwards, offered her money in exchange for her silence, the father said, “She refused to take the money and then came home only to ‘fall sick’ the next day.”
He added that the girl did not go to school the next day and that prompted concern from the family.
“I tried to find out what was going on with her but she couldn’t tell me anything, she just kept saying she was sick but could not tell me what was wrong,” the father related.
The minor, however, started to open up after persuasions from her mother. She then narrated her ordeal to her parents. However, the suspect must have got some wind of his victim’s parents’ furry because he was not home when they went there to confront him.
“He was not home when we got there and we have not seen him since. We wanted to confront him first before pressing charges but since we couldn’t find him, we just proceeded to involve the police,” he said.
NamPol public relations officer, Warrant Officer Menas Jakobus, confirmed that the search is on for the suspected rapist, “We have the man’s details. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal his name because we haven’t arrested him yet.”