Six of a kind



Anybody can be an artist but not everyone can make art look good.
Sylvia von Kuehne, Stefan Dietz, Heike Lukaschik, Attila Giersch, Frieda Luhl and Maretha Louw (all Namibians) have proven to be six-of-a-kind at their contemporary jewellery exhibition this week in the capital.
The exhibition, Six of a Kind, is on- going till the 5th of June and shows a variety of pieces by the six exhibitors.
Their jewellery pieces all have distinctive signatures that make them distinct from the others. They vary from sea-shells and drawings to little gold pieces and little pendants that look like shiny coal pieces.
Amongst some of the most interesting pieces, are two rings that look like the inside of a wrist watch.
These pieces look too delicate to wear but would make for great jewellery for collectors to show off to their friends.
Heike Lukaschik has three interesting pieces that appear simple; three silver rings that have a Marula and Makalani tree decoration, they are plain yet interesting to look at... they are rings but they could also be special pendants.
The most interesting piece you would easily nickname “the travelling seashell” is a necklace by Stefan Dietz.
The piece is a mixture of sea creatures and ancient drawings. It is a silver necklace and engraved on it are two people with a small shiny shell attached on the bottom of the rectangle. It takes you back to Brand berg but via an ocean.
One of the most interesting pieces is also what looks like a little wooded massaging equipment at the center of the silver piece with two nomad drawings on the sides, also made by Stefan Dietz.
To an arts exhibitions newcomer, the exhibition would easily leave you feeling like a token at a little German convention, as most of the interested parties in attendance are middle-aged and elderly German-speaking folks.
They walk around the small show room in the Namibia Craft Centre, observing the unique pieces slowly and carefully, then return to where they started.