Is Lady May stupid or acting to be?



we have watched as Lady May plays the role of this shy, laid-back and hard working girl in the past week.
And we have also patiently waited for her to snap out of the act and be the Lady May that we all know only to watch a side of her we never imagined an African lady could display.
On international television, Lady May denied Mother Nature; she doesn’t know what a zebra is!
She needed explanations of what insects and plants are! Like really now! For a girl who was born in the deep roots of Angola and was raised in the northern parts of Namibia, that was a pathetic stunt
In her introduction Lady May sang “I’m gonna bring the house down. I’m gonna bring the house down.”
So her explanation of bringing the house down is by acting stupid?
Can you imagine, what the rest of Africa now thinks of Namibian education. English is bad? Grade 7 Life Science is bad? How about some common sense Martha?
I still think Lady May stands a better chance of winning the money more than any other person in the house, Only if she was being the original Lady May and not a fake pea that she is acting to be.
I must admit that she is doing a good job by promoting the character of a typical Namibian wife. She wakes up early, cleans, cooks and then does nothing else but talk a lot of senseless things the rest of  the day.
We, Namibian women, really appreciate the upgrade but Big Brother is just not the right platform to do that.
 When it first came to my attention that Lady May was indeed going to be one of Namibia’s representatives I thought: “Yes finally some real entertainment.”
Unfortunately, she is feeding us the Preacher’s Daughter act.   
She should have seen how Jossie Jossy who represented Namibia last year for just a week.
Jossy wouldn’t say more than 20 words a day and wore stunners the whole day in and outside the house.
 If only she was being herself from the very start - loud, energetic and hype - like the Lady May we are used to here at home, then some of us would actually vote for her to stay in the house.
Lady May has cut herself off from the rest of the housemates. She cleans up constantly like her life depends on it and exercises in pink heels every single day.
What would Lady May’s coming home mean to her career?
Do bear in mind that she was already fading away after her ‘goodnight mother f*#&errs’ stunt at last year’s Namas.
So Big Brother was supposed to be some sort of ‘rehab’ for her career. It had to play a face-lift role but she is really playing it all so wrong.
We expected more from her. We expected fireworks, crazy hairdos, splits and crazy drama. Where is that ‘goodnight mother f*#@ers’ attitude when we really need it?
Did her parents advise her that playing the good girl would make Namibia love her now? Or will she return home and become the girl-next-door?