Teen (16) Omukondas uncle over booze




Ambrosius Amutenya, 40, is currently fighting for his life in the hospital after his nephew stabbed him in the back with a traditional dagger over alcohol last weekend at Okathitu Kakahala in Ombalantu.
The two, according to an eye-witness, Joseph Nambali, had been drinking all afternoon at a local shebeen. Nambali said the argument started after the teenager’s mother had come to fetch him.
“His mother wanted him to go home and he refused. She asked her brother, who’s his uncle, to take him home. They got into an argument and a fight almost erupted,” narrated Nambali.
The teenager, Nambali added, went home for about 30 minutes and then went back to the shebeen. According to Nambali, the unruly teenager, upon his return was very furious that the bottles of beer he had left on the counter had been emptied while he was gone.
“He confronted his uncle and his friends and they all started arguing,” said Nambali.
The owner of the shebeen tried to get them out before a fight broke between the nephew and uncle, Nambali related. In the ensuing fight, the teenager stabbed his uncle in the back with the dagger.
“There was blood spurting from his uncle’s back as he fell to the ground and the boy stood there with a bloody dagger in his hand, as though he was shocked at what he had done,” Nambali recollected.
He added that Amutenya was then rushed to the Outapi State Hospital. The teenager tried to flee the area but was captured by men from the village and handed over to the police.
Investigative officer, Constable Erastus Shimbashike confirmed the attempted murder case under CR 49/05/2012, “He (Amutenya) hasn’t talked to me yet because he was unconsciousness when I visited him at the hospital for questioning. Because of that reason, we only have a State case right now. He’s stable now and I’m convinced he’s going to live and that is the good news right now. The boy, however, is in police custody at the moment,” said Constable Shimbashike.