Modelling agencies merge forces



Essence Promotions and DH Exclusive Modelling agencies have merged their agencies to create a stronger force.
The modelling agencies will launch their new merged agency with an in-house high-fashion showcase at the Playhouse Theatre on 22nd of next month.
The fashion show will feature work by local designers and will be presented by the new team of raw models who the agency only finished auditioning at the beginning of this month.
The new agency will be spearheaded by Connie MeuAmor and Lahja Shuuya who are both experts in the field and are former models.
Connie left Zambezi Modelling Agency last year to start up her own modelling agency; Essence Promotions, mid last year.
“We have decided to merge our agencies because two heads are better than one. The girls who auditioned did not require modelling experience because we are going to train them for free,” Connie said.
Lahja and Connie’s agency will offer training in Cat Walk, Beauty Pageantry and Etiquette. Their program will also include promoting the girls by making them available to advertisers, which will build their portfolios.
“Promoting the girls starts with the car washes and charity events we hold. There is always a soup kitchen for orphans and street children in Ombili every Sunday and they will take part in those too,” Lahja explained.
The two former models also admit that so often, modelling agencies sell false hope to desperate models and the two modelling mentors now claim to be going the other direction.
“First of all, we will be training them for free. We have their best interests at heart and this is because this is how we would have wanted to be treated while we were still models,” Connie said.
The two also said they face difficulties in telling the girls who are not fit for the industry to try elsewhere.
“It’s not easy to tell a girl ‘you are fat’ or ‘you cannot make it’... we just pick a list of our preferred girls. It is also difficult when dealing with tomboys because then you have to start from scratch to teach them how to dress and be models,” Lahja said.
They, however, say the road is not easy without sponsorship or any funds as they often have to use personal funds for daily operations.