A young fresh drummer is on the rise




some children become star-studded overnight through innate talent.
And this is what has happened to Randle Goaseb who beat has his way to the hearts of local music lovers.
Eight-year-old Randle who has an ear for sound and a touch for beats has beaten all odds and in a single night’s performance, the door to stardom has just opened for him at a very tender age. This, like most success stories, is the beginning of a lot of good things ahead.     
The boldness of the Grade 2 pupil at Van Rhyn Primary School came to life when, for the first time in his life, he played a drum-set in front of an audience last Saturday at a gospel show held by the Jesus Connection Gospel Group.
Before he was called to the stage to play the drums, Randle was nervous, yet excited and eager at the same time. Finally, doing what he loves, he wowed an excited crowd whose reception to his performance was shocking.
At the age of six, Randle started playing drums, “I taught myself how to play the drums just by observing how the big boys used to play and I practised every day.”
Randle created his own drum-set at the back of his parents’ house with different sized tins that consisted of a ride cymbal, floor tom, toms bass drum, snare drum and the hi hat on which he practices every day with the help of his little sister as the soloist.
He also knows how and with what pressure he should beat the drums to produce the correct sounds and reach the right pitches.
Randle’s talent runs in the family as the whole family is involved in gospel music.
“Randle would just listen to the band members play a song once and the next thing, he would play the same sound with no errors,” said the co-founder of Jesus Connection Gospel Group, Clerence Gaingob.
An overwhelmed Desiree Gaoses, Randle’s mother says, “My wish for my son would be for him to finish his school first. If it is his dream to become a professional drummer one day, then I will support him fully as a mother should.”
She added that she would not mind sending her son to an art school to develop his drumming skills if need be and pursue his career.
Randle’s dream is to play full-time for the Jesus Connection Gospel Group and to explore the world through his talent by travelling to different countries. He also wishes to have his own drum-set one day.
Randle is inspired by the Jesus Connection Gospel Group that practices at Randle’s parents’ regularly with their lead drummer, Adiel van Wyk, who Randle admires tremendously.
“When I grow up, I would love to play drums like Adiel as a professional drummer,” he blushes.
The Jesus Connection Gospel Group is a group of artists from different backgrounds and churches who come together to serve the community by sharing the word of God through music.