What agwanÔÇÖs gay-ship turns sour



Well, it’s real as it sounds. Word on the street is that Emil, NBC’s Whatagwan producer, well known for his allegiance to the ‘bent-wrist society’ has sidelined one of the program’s presenters, Dazzle.
Dazzle has been placed on what my connect says a “temporary suspension with the potential to be permanent” for dumping his producer for a hot girl. Emil is said to have been very protective of Dazzle and was never amused whenever girls flocked around Dazzle when the crew toured out of time.
“He’d really become very jealous when girls talked to Dazzle. He’d threaten to suspend him. It kind of reached a point where Dazzle could not take it any longer,” says my connect.
I tried to holla at Emil for a comment but this is all he had to say: “So what? It’s none of anyone’s business, I have no further comments for you, skat.”
Damn, so is it safe to suggest that Dazzle’s employment contract has been based on the gay relationship? Well, let’s see if the poor chap gets reinstated after this.