Hunt for hospital jackal



The Ministry of Health and Social Services is appealing for help to apprehend the jackal featured in V-Metro in March this year.
Our photo-story showed the jackal wooing two dogs for a sex-capade in the central hospital grounds.
Now the ministry wants the jackal, which should be expecting by now, stopped.
In a circular pinned on the central hospital notice boards, Health permanent secretary, Kahijoro Kahuure says the jackal’s presence at the hospital has been reported to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism who then sent a team to apprehend the animal.
“This search has been going on for a week 16 – 20 April 2012 without any success as the animal could not be traced,” Kahuure wrote.
Kolga Sikopo, the deputy director Wild Life Management who is leading the search confirmed that the jackal was seen as early as last Wednesday.
“We have given the hospital authorities the mandate to kill it, because we suspect it has rabbies. The problem is that when I send people to kill it, it disappears into the woods,” Sikopo said.