Founding President moves into new N$20m complex


Founding President Dr. Sam Nujoma has finally moved into his spanking new N$20m offices in Windhoek.
 This was confirmed by the Permanent Secretary at the Office of the President, Dr. Ndeutala Angolo, who said Nujoma moved into the state-of-the art complex last month but was not at liberty to discuss any further details on the matter.
 She referred all questions to John Nauta, Nujoma’s PA.
Nauta also confirmed the relocation but declined to comment further on the matter citing that the issue was a sensitive one and it might spark unwarranted criticism from those who are against the Founding Father getting an office.
The Founding Father has been housed at the former Ombudsman’s offices since relinquishing power in 2005, next to the old State House in Robert Mugabe Avenue. His new complex is just up the street on a building next to the new Ministry of Lands and Resettlement.
Officials from both Nujoma and State House refused to comment on the actual figures of the building or how many people have moved in with the former head of state, but it has been confirmed that the building was constructed by a Chinese firm with local architecture Marley Tjitjo playing a crucial role.
The new offices will also house the Sam Nujoma Foundation, a non-profit organisation that was established in 2005 and which is operating under the Founding President’s office.
The idea of the construction of a new office for the founding President was conceived in 2008.
However, the announcement of the plans immediately sparked debate with some political parties and human rights organisation referring to the investment which was then valued at N$21, 6m as a waste of money and a sign of Government’s misplaced priorities.
The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) as well as the Namibia Movement for Democratic Change (NMDC) were two of the political parties that were vocal against the project at the time.
The RDP reportedly claimed that the former president needed no office as he was retired from public life.
But this week Nauta hit back.
“It is true that we have moved into a new property, but it is not for us to shout to the world because we know some individuals do not understand the role of the Founding President in today’s Namibia and his role in the Namibia of old. I would not want to comment much on the issue to avoid unnecessary debate. Perhaps the accounting officer in the President’s Office can respond to that,” he said directing all the questions to Dr. Angolo.