8 NamPol members canÔÇÖt find testicles



genitals of eight members of the NamPol Band who toured Katima Mulilo for a performance last week are playing tricks - they appear and disappear at will.
Typical of Nigerian movie style, some of the cops sometimes wake up with empty loins and plain crotches.
The men also say sometimes they rush to the toilet only to realise that there is nothing down there.
As a result, some of the men are also experiencing memory losses and have been asked to take leave until their genitals return.
The police band leader, Inspector Christof Munyika confirmed that some of his members were experiencing problems although he could not specify the nature of the problems.
“I was informed about some of the members experiencing weird things, seeing strange things and having nightmares all associated with witchcraft.
“But I’m not the right person to give you the information right now, call police public relations I think they will be able to help you,” he said.
When V-Metro visited the brass band during rehearsals at the College of the Arts in Katutura, a Warren Officer Gideon refused to reveal anything on the matter. “Get out of here. We reported the matter to the Inspector General. Only he can talk to you not us. Leave now before we arrest you,” Gedion said.
But a cop who was part of the tour said, “Some of the guys spent three days sleeping out. We suspect they either had sex with married women in Katima or they did not pay the prostitutes they hired. It’s so traumatising because we are like a family in the brass band and now our comrades are suffering and it’s hard to even tell their wives the real truth.”
A Windhoek-based traditional healer, Dr Babobula said it is very common in Africa for a man to lose his genitals if he either doesn’t pay a woman or if he rapes her.
“It normally happens when a man either raped the woman or slept with a woman whose man has muti powers,” said Dr Babobula.
A shocked band member said he suspects that his band mates are victims of witchcraft.
“I suspect that these guys fell victim to witchcraft and one of my cousins who works for the band has since been sent to the North to rest and improve before he comes back to work,” he added.