Raped and robbed





Albert Kharuseb of Windhoek is in custody for raping his girlfriend in Havana last month after a heated argument.
Kharuseb was arrested on May 1 only after he had put up a fight where he punched the police officer who wanted to handcuff him.
Although it has not been established what the couple had argued about, the court heard that Kharuseb was furious enough to hit the woman with a stone on the head and kicked her in the stomach after raping her.
In the midst of the attack, Kharuseb grabbed her handbag and fled with it.
He is now facing charges of rape, assault under the Domestic Violence Act, theft, assaulting a member of the Namibian Police and resisting arrest.
When he appeared in court this week, he was not granted the right to file for bail and is expected to return to court on the 11th of next month.