Father killer, van Zyl after exÔÇÖ neck



Ryno van Zyl, 27, well-known for his acquittal of his father’s murder several years ago, threatened to kill his girlfriend, Anna Jorge, 35, for dumping him last week.
Anna told the police that she had initially broken up with van Zyl after dating for only four months due to his abusive nature. The couple, however, got back together recently and it has continued to be an abusive relationship.
According to the police, van Zyl has been accusing her of cheating on him and has been harassing her toddler son.
The couple recently argued when Jorge turned down van Zyl’s request to move in with her.
“She has a son from a previous relationship and she felt that moving in with him wouldn’t create a good environment for her son,” said the police source.
The source added that van Zyl did not take the rejection kindly and started to accuse her of having an illicit romantic affair with another man.
“He drove past her house at some point and he spotted a white Audi parked outside her house and he demanded to know who the owner of the car was,” said the police source.
The couple got into an argument and feeling she couldn’t take it anymore, Jorge decided to end the relationship. According to the police source, van Zyl refused to let go. When he failed to persuade her to take him back, he resorted to other means. Jorge told the police that he started harassing her by coming to her house and banging on her door. He threw stones on her roof and started threatening to kill her.
“He sent her text messages saying he had planted a bomb in her house and the time was running out for it to detonate. The threats got too much and she couldn’t take it anymore,” said the source.
When quizzed about the situation, Jorge confirmed the allegations but she refused to shed more information on the situation.
“Looks like your source fed you with all the information you need, plus, I don’t want to talk about van Zyl who is not a celebrity,” she said before she hung up the phone.
She, however, sent a lengthy text message to V-Metro emphasising the reasons why she didn’t want to talk to the media and what she thought of van Zyl.
Her message read as follows: “I dnt knw who u are and as u can imagine im not in the mood for little stories and dramas, van is not a celebrity and he is sitting in jail with 5 cases against him and i have no interest to be dragged into ur newspaper and ur stories as it is personal. I have a small son that needs to be protected so do not get me involved i can even gv u a story but not with my name in.”