Seven key mistakes that destroy the bridge of access

Ephesians 3:12: In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.

 “I have been a friend of that person for a long time but we are not friends any longer,” I have heard people say.

Some say, they have moved on, or “we are not in fellowship with them anymore”.

In most cases, all of the above is said by people who would have overstepped and destroyed the bridge of access.

There are many people who had opportunities in life and enjoyed access to great people of influence, in our organisations, churches, Government agencies, companies and or schools.

They made significant impact in our country and the world, but sadly you notice that such people that had these opportunities fail to understand that if ACCESS is not valued and treasured, the bridge to it will be destroyed.

According to the English Oxford Dictionary, the word access has at least three sub definitions. It means; 

a. Entry or approach: a means of entering or approaching a place

b. Opportunity for use: the opportunity or right to experience or make use of something

c. Right to meet somebody: the opportunity to meet somebody

Why is access so important? Because it creates the opportunity for you to proof your loyalty, faithfulness, consistency, competence and capabilities. Yet many people lose their gift to develop, grow and develop because they do not understand the power of access in a relationship?

Here are the 7 key mistakes that destroy the bridge of access:


Disrespect is the key for disconnection, no person want the odour of disrespect in their environment. Disrespect sets an example, and it sets a precedent for wrong people. It makes people distance themselves from you. Do you use words, actions and behaviour in a disrespectful way?

If so, you will notice that your words and actions are recorded and filed, in the minds and hearts of people. If you do not change your attitude from disrespect to respect, soon you will be disconnected and access will no longer be available. 2 Samuel 13 verses 22-34, here we see the destruction that happened when Absalom lose his access to his father David.


Disagreement is the seed for loss. Agreement is the seed for favour and future. When people are consistent in disagreement, the atmosphere and climate is always hostile, they are uncomfortable, uneasy and unpleasant, gossip and bad tongue is heard, frustration and paranoia, is in the air. This is common in marriages, work related relationship, church and members’ meetings and any given place where disrespect is at the order of the day.

Romans 13:7:‘Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour’.(respect to whom respect is due).


Divisiveness is a sprit that breaks anything and anyone that desires to walk and function in harmony, peace and tranquillity, but discord is the poison that contaminates the flow and flavour that brings and creates harmony.

How many people do we know with hidden agendas to disturb our life, and break the joy and happiness of others? Amos 3:3 says;‘Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?’

Remember that when divineness is maintained access is not reachable and possible.


Discontent is a seed of non-alliance, and unhappiness.

Whenever you find yourself in the middle of a situation where leaders, colleagues, and friends are working and administering in discontent, unity and excellence are broken, and destroyed.

Many churches, companies, schools and or management teams struggle because others are not connected with the vision and mission of the organisation. They are not on the same page and so do not operate as a unit.

 Whenever discontent is present, quality, maturity, and excellence is absent, and access is not valid, applicable, and accessible. Luke 12 verses 15, ‘And he said to them, Take care and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life do not consists in the abundance of his possessions, when we covet we lose our  way to real friendship and access is denied.’


Whenever people portray a spirit of disloyalty towards a leader in the community, churches, companies, anger, bitterness and frustration are the order of the day.

Disloyalty is a bad spirit that ignites and breeds opposition among workers, company owners, even among members and friends.

Whenever we are in a company of people that have are disloyal, trouble and trials are evident and the road to the bridge of access is destroyed. Many a people do not realise that this evil and destructive motive has no future and destiny, but loyalty brings promotion, elevation, and favour. I have seen in my life and ministry how God has extremely blessed certain individuals that understand the key principle of loyalty. Too many people want recognition and accolades but are intoxicated with disloyalty.

Disloyal people are not candidates for promotion; disloyalty is no friends and family member of access.



When a junior clerk, or secretary keeps doing things that hinders and irritates his or senior or employer, this person will soon break the bridge of Access. Disruptions are things in life that slows one down. It interferes with the momentum of the flow of how things must be done. Disruptions waste time, disruptions are things that create events that make you pause for the wrong reasons. Whenever disruption is in display the door and gates to the bridge of Access are locked and blocked.

Many people do not realise how irritable disruptions are especially when you have so much to do with so little time to ones disposal. We have to learn that if we want access into other people’s life we must improve and delete disruptions.


Perception affects your reception. Perception brings you into the right connection, but deception brings pictures that are blurred and distorted. Have you noticed that sometimes when the weather is not good and you want to watch a good movie on TV, it blurs your television reception?

So deception is easier believed and trusted, deception is a tool in the hand of those who have no passion and desire to progress in life. If we want to enjoy the riches of other’s successes and significance in life, we must change our perception of deception and get a better connection for a brighter and better elevation.

Should you have a desire and longing to get access to very prominent and significant people, we must let go of deception in our life.


Bishop WF Abrahams

Kingdom faith Builders Ministries International