Death in the House



in the previous Big Brother Africa shows, the fight has been for the money or career launches.
Not this time around for the most popular seven participants - CMB Prezzo, Roki, Barbz, Goldie, Mampi, Lady May and Ghana’s DKB - have blooming careers.
Big Brother Africa season 7 opened yesterday in South Africa and the orgnisers of the show had released seven names prior to the official launch.
This is not the only difference: there are two houses too - Upville and Downville - while each participant has brought in a partner.
And the money has been upped to US$300 000!
This is big money even for Jackson Ngechu Makini aka CMB Prezzo of Kenya; Goldie Harvey of Nigeria and South Africa’s Babalwa Mneno who come in already moola-heavy.
Apart from CMB Prezzo, Goldie and Barbz, BBA organisers also listed Zimbabwean urban groover Roki, Namibia’s infamous singer Lady May, Zambian Mampi and Ghanaian DKB.
CMB, which stands for Cash Money Brothers,  Prezzo who is nicknamed Mr Bling Bling, inherited a business from his father.
He also did a lot for himself when he transformed the Kenyan hip hop music by bringing in flash lifestyles complete with sleek wheels and fashion.
In addition to his wealth, (he is regarded among Kenya’s Top100 most influential people) CMB Prezzo also brings in scandals.
He was shot and wounded at one time after a night of partying. In 2007, he was taken to court for bedding a married woman.
Recently rumoured to have been separated from his wife, Daisy, CMB Prezzo’s wallet, according to various media reports, could be wilting.
South African former model and socialite, Barbz aka Babalwa Mneno does not come poor into the house.
Nicknamed Black Barbie, Barbz has a bigger life than BBA House. She also has a load of scandals one of which is her declared loathing of South African men who she says are not well groomed.
She has been linked to Ghanaian footballer, Abedi Pele Ayew.
But Barbz’ appetite for foreigners saw her  dating a Cameroonian fraudster, Flaubert Siomnoue who was on the run from his country and who later fled SA after defrauding business partners of R1,2m.
As if that was not all, Barbz was one of three South African socialites - Miriam Ngomane, Masechaba Dlengezele and an un-named Chinese woman - who went on a jet ride with a wealthy Nigerian businessman and had five-some in what came to be known as SinParty.
Dlengezele is a former Miss Teen SA while Ngomane is a known party animal.
Goldie - real name Susan Adebimpe Harvey - regarded one of the richest women in Nigeria, is rumoured to be bisexual.
She holds a degree in Business Administration and has a success music career.
She is known to have a temper just like model Naomi Campbell and is nicknamed Lady Gaga.
Recently, she had a standoff with one of her bodyguards whom she accused of siphoning her diesel.
Mampi Mirriam Mukape is one of Zambia’s most successful female R&B musicians whose appetite for footballers is unrivalled.
She dated Dominic Yobe who turns up for the Finnish side AC Oulu and South Africa-based Clifford Mulenga whom she wrote the song Uninvele for.
Her stage antics are every inch similar to Namibia’s Lady May’s. She can flip, ‘fly’ and  split exactly in the Lady May style.
Rockford Josphats aka Roki may not be loaded moola-wise but he brings in colour to the House.
Known for his puerile behaviour and a kombi-load of children - he has six at 27 - Roki is undoubtedly Zimbabwe’s most talented hip hop artist.
He has done it all - drugs, violence - including a public drubbing of his ex-wife and mother of first daughter. In 2008, he was arrested when found in possession of 125g of herb.
Whatever the case, there is no doubt that this season of BBA will not be like any other.