Dirty Paulus 2


OK, there I was waiting for Cota P to come pick me up so we could go and have a meal at Hilton (his way of makin’ it up to me for buyin’ him drinks the whole night and paying for his cab, because his laaitie had driven off in his X5).
Well, I waited and waited and then he finally called.
 “Hi, I am running late. An unexpected meeting just came up.” And three days later; nothing from Cota P.
He called me on a Saturday and asked me to go to Monaco, bored, I went.
When I got there, I saw him in his official black shoes, dark-blue Guess pair jeans and a formal white shirt (yes, the same one from Chez) tucked in.
So, we sat and he kept receiving calls from a Cota A, B and C, and yes, even a Mr Indongo called him and it was all talks of money this, investments that. He bought me a drink. I asked if he was not going to drink anything and he said, “No, I’m cool for now.”
Then he asked me if I had change for a N$500 bill. I said no, I only had a N$200 bill on me.
He took it and promised to refund me later when he got the change.
Well, I thought to myself, ‘Hmmm, Monaco doesn’t have a N$500 change?’
He went to the bar and bought five beers and two drinks for me. Why? Only he knew. We continued our chat about the GRN, music and so on and then he received a call.
“Au, Gazzlam? (pause) eh paife? (pause) OK, Ook grote, I’ll call you back.”
He looked at me and nodded his head, then said:
“Eish, die artists neh, now Gazza wants to use both my cars for his music video. I told him to go get the other one at home and come to Monaco for the Benz, you saw it? The black one parked outside?”
Speechless, I simply said, “Yeah, I saw it.”
Before I could ask what he would go home in, he got a text and had to go outside to give “Gazza” the keys to the “Benz”.
I asked if I could go with just to say hi. He said, “No sweetie, just sit. I won’t be long. If Gazza sees you, he will want you to be in that video. I know how he is.”
So I sat.
On his way back in, he bumped into two boys. They greeted, “Aaau, Tangos, die man met n plan. Maak n malt man . . .”
I pretended not to hear anything, so he came with one of the boys and handed him one of the beers. He looked at me and said, “I sent him to go get me quick change.”
You won’t guess what Cota P did next . . . hang on there till next week.