Lunch-hour prayer meetings for Windhoek

Deam of Hope Ministry International (BHM) in Namibia is introducing lunch hour prayer meetings for all churches at the Roman Catholic Church in the heart of Windhoek.
The prayer meetings under the theme: ‘Hope Hour’ will commence from the 3rd of May from Monday to Friday.
This meeting is intended to give merchants, mechanics, clerks, strangers and businessmen generally an opportunity to stop and call on God amid the perplex incidents in their respective avocations.
Brainchild of the initiative, Pastor Bruce says the main purpose of the Hope Hour is to bring all bodies of Christ to meet through worshiping the only creator of the universe, “It does not matter if you are from Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, or Anglican. Different denominations are welcome, be it believers or non-believers. We don’t mind if we have different doctrines, what matters is that we have one mission which to glorify God,” he said.
“Prayer revival had the motivation that we must pray one hour. Jesus said, ‘Could you not tarry with me one hour?’ and the bible also command us to pray without ceasing. Most people hardly pray because their busy but during lunch hour they are bored in their offices doing nothing so it’s a great opportunity for them to lift their voices to the throne of grace in humble, grateful prayer,” adds Pastor Bruce.
The BHM ministry believes that if the body of Christ forget their about their different doctrines and stand in unity fight the works of the devil in prayer.
“We have one enemy which is the devil. In prayer and unity we will demolish his works and Namibia shall be a better place to live in. our economics will not fluctuate, tribalism will end and we will be happy nation together,” he concludes.