RaunaÔÇÖs great engineering strides


There are many careers regarded as exclusive domains for men and engineering is one of them but as life becomes more liberal and people become more innovative, things are changing for women.
However, one jubilant, free-spirited and enthusiastic 22-year-old woman, Rauna Mwatile Mungonena, born and raised in Windhoek, holds a different view from the common belief that being a civil engineer takes a male brain to devour.
She is a civil engineering graduate from the Polytechnic of Namibia who topped her class during a four-year course proving to all that being a female doesn’t equal being blonde.
 Mungonena entered the real working environment two months ago through an engineering consulting firm where she is presently working on a gravel road project.
She was enticed to study civil engineering to explore various infrastructural developments such as transport and water infrastructure, which present infinite variety of opportunities while promoting innovation and creativity.
But how does she cope with the work environment given that she’s only 22-years-old?
Mungonena says work life is fantastic because she has a self-driven passion.
“As a female, it is challenging to be in this industry since it is perceived as a male-dominated career. Some males have a habit of constantly testing one’s knowledge and professional abilities, thus it is vital to have self-confidence, anger control, managerial skills and the will-power to listen and learn,” Mungonena explains.
Since life is a learning process, Mungonena states that she observes, explores and learns numerous things because every day is a new learning day for her. She meets new people and learns how to deal with them daily.
Being a civil engineer isn’t all Mungonena wants to be even though it’s her first love.
She intends to upgrade her qualification as well as travel the world. However, she is also resolute to run her own business in the property-related industry one day.
Through entrepreneurially-driven youths like her, it would be optimistic to say that Namibia will soon be an industrialised country.
She advises her fellow female youth members to take up every good opportunity life offers; seize every moment and make the best out of it.
“Believe in yourself and in God, He will never let you down. . . and learn the secret of patience.”