ItÔÇÖs a Polytechnic job


i’m told it’s an advantage to be in the hostel when you are a student at the Polytechnic of Namibia since you stand a good chance of getting free booty.
I’m told off-campus female students are being ‘slaughtered’ in the male hostels at Poly for something as simple as food and/or movies. This is how it works, I’m told. During lunch hours, male hostel students take some of their ratios to their rooms. They use the food and laptops to entertain their visitors while watching movies. The movies are of all ‘colours’, starting with ‘yellow movies’ (comedy) ‘red movies’ (action) and eventually, ‘blue movies’ - do I need to explain what a  blue movie is? Of course not.
This is the point damn near mission complete, as from this point onwards, it’s smooth sailing. After watching the movie, the girl is in the mood. She forgets everything about classes and embarks on a sexual journey.
So if you have a Poly girlfriend and she spends some time in the hostels watching movies and having lunch, it’s high time you knew that the movies are blue and the lunches are sausages!!