Unimpressive Meroro downed by Braehmer


Namibia’s light heavyweight pugilist Vikapita ‘Beast Master’ Meroro failed to live up to expectations when he put up a rather poor showdown against former World Boxing Organisation (WBO) champion Juergen Braehmer in Germany on Saturday.

The Beast Master lost by a unanimous decision in the 10-round bout as Braehmer dominated most of the fight with Meroro putting up a defensive fight.

However, the German boxer, with home advantage, failed to down Meroro in the fourth round as he persistently showered the Namibian boxer with his right and left hooks.

Meroro whose preparation for the fight is questionable since he last fought late last year failed to stand the pressure from Braehmer.

This was Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Academy’s another blow after former WBA champion Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses failed to clinch the WBO lightweight title against Scotsman Ricky Burns earlier this year in Glasgow.

The Academy also suffered another defeat when Betuel ‘Tyson’ Uushona lost to Slovene Dejan Zavec in the WBO Intercontinental title fight.

Blame, for all these defeats, was heaped onto biased refereeing.

Meroro’s trainer and Promoter could not be reached on his mobile phone to comment on The Beast Master’s performance.