The latest import statistics for pork meat have highlighted the country's increased appetite for pigs meat compared to last year, with the government going as far as Spain and Germany to meet local demand.

Every month, the country's pork meat import stands between 410 000 and 715 000 kilograms.

Compared to 2020, the monthly import has never reached 600 000 kilograms and has only reached 500 000kg three times last year.

The highest monthly pork meat import last year was in August, at 579 875 kilograms.

This is according to the Meat Board of Namibia monthly statistics released yesterday.

If one removes January 2021, which recorded the lowest import of 410 986kg, the country pork meat import has been above 538 000 kilograms from February to October 2021.

After January low import, the country pork import jumped to 703 686 kilograms in February 2021.

Then it stabilised to 573 173kg in March and 538 499kg in April 2021.

From May to October 2021, the demand for imported pork meat has been upward and above 600 000 kilograms every month- reaching its highest in 10 months in July with 713 781 kilograms imported.

Overall, for 10 months, the country has imported 6,1 million kilograms of pork meat, more than what the country imported (5,4 million kilograms) in the whole of 2020.

Namibia is being supplied with pork meat primarily by SA, with 4, 1 million kilograms of the country's pork meat having just come from across the Orange River this year.

An increase from the 3,6 million kilograms the country imported last year.

After South Africa, Namibian retailers and agents crossed the ocean to Europe for more pork.

For the 10 months, the country bought 748 562 kg of pork meat from Spain, then passed by the UK and bought 433 932 kilograms. 

However, the country has reduced its imports from Germany last year (810 492 kg) to just 217 450 kilograms- the reduction was spread to UK and France.


For the past 10 months, the country has slaughtered 36 874 head of pigs - by slaughtering 3 300 to 4000 head of pigs a month. However, the country only managed to slaughter 4 000 head of pigs once this year.

Compared to last year, the country is trailing behind in slaughter, which is explained by the high import bill of pork meat.

The average pork meat price has been around N$37,87 per kg for the past 10 months, while the pork ceiling price per kg was set at N$36,58. Email: erastus@thevillager.com.na