Israel Nangolo (39) from Elombe village was admitted to Oshakati Intermediate Hospital in the Oshana region after four police officers assaulted him.

The incident allegedly occurred on Friday, 12 November 2021.

Nangolo, who spoke to The Villager in his hospital bed, narrated what transpired," I was driving from a family member after a visit while driving in the Oshanas at Oshiko area I've noticed a police car approaching me. They requested me to stop, which I refused because I didn't do anything wrong. I decided to stop close to one of my uncles' houses so that if anything happened to me, they could witness it."

He further said he discovered that one of his tyres had a problem, and when he stopped his vehicle, the four police officers approached him and started beating him without asking anything.

"They kicked me all over my body and beat me with feasts, and now I'm having chest pain, and I have chest pain," he stressed.

Nangolo is said to have blood between the chest wall and the lungs, which is currently being drained.

Nangolo added that the family members who saw the cars rushed to see what was happening, and they intervened.

"The police officers left me, and I was rushed to the hospital by my family members," he said.

Oshana Regional Commander Commissioner Rauha Amwele confirmed the incident.

"I have received the report after a case was opened against the officers, and we are currently busy with the investigations to find out what transpired, and I can't say much at this stage," Commissioner Amwele said

Amwele further added that once the investigations have been concluded, "the file will then be sent to the Prosecutor General who will decide on the next step."