Indian forced me to drink tortoise blood ÔÇô Tsumeb woman

A Tsumeb woman, Lina Ames (age not known) says she was forced to drink tortoise blood by an unidentified Indian man who had given her a lift to Otavi two weeks ago.
She ended up in Tsumeb State Hospital where she was admitted on 12 April.
An official at the hospital who refused to give her name confirmed that they admitted a woman from Kuvukiland, a sprawling informal settlement in the town but refused to give further details.
The official also confirmed that the woman she identified as Lina Ames was brought in unconscious after she had been dumped in the bush by an Indian man who had forced her to drink tortoise blood.
The Oshikoto Regional Police also confirmed receiving a complaint of the same nature but had no full details of the incident.
Narrating her ordeal on Damara/ Nama Radio Service, Lina said she flagged down a silver vehicle driven by the unknown Indian man on her way to a tournament in Otavi.
She said the Indian guy who picked her up told her that he was driving to Windhoek first before going to Otavi.
Despite this, Lina hopped onto the vehicle when the man asked her to come along.
“I agreed and when we arrived in Windhoek, he booked me somewhere close to Wanaheda Police Station,” she explained adding that she could tell where it was because there was a sign written Wanaheda Police Station.
“I stayed there alone for the whole weekend and on Monday, we drove back to Tsumeb. We had a nice weekend. Nothing happened. He treated me very well by bringing me food.
“When we got to Tsumeb, he asked me to show him around because he was looking for a place called Makalani. I showed him where it was and we agreed to meet at 19h00,” she told the radio station.
Lina said she went home to freshen up and then left with her cousin to buy bread at Shell Service Station. But she ran into the Indian man when she took a walk alone and he asked her to join him for a drive.
“I got in and we drove for about 10km outside Tsumeb. He stopped the car and started acting weird. He laughed and called out the name Sussie. I asked him who Sussie was but he kept on laughing,” she further said.
He then took out a small tortoise from his white boots. The tortoise then started growing big and the Indian took out a glass into which the reptile vomited blood.
“He forced me to drink the blood. I had no choice but to drink it. I don’t know what happened afterwards except that I woke up covered by a blanket and dumped in the bushes,” she said crying on radio.
She managed to stagger back home where she collapsed and was taken to hospital.
“I filed a case at the Tsumeb Police Station,” she said.