Fisheries donates illegally caught fish


The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources have kicked off donations of Illegal caught sea species such as fish and lobster confiscated by the authorities along the coast over the festive season.


The surveillance unit in the ministry’s directorate of operations at Walvis Bay confiscated various fish species at roadblocks and during routine coastal patrols, chief fisheries inspector Gabes Shekutambe said.


“All the confiscated species are kept refrigerated and are donated after all paperwork and a go-ahead is given by the ministry. They are kept at the offices of the ministry in Walvis Bay in a freezer. We destroy those that are not fit for human consumption be it fish or lobsters.”


“Those that are good for human consumption are donated and distributed to charities. We also issued approximately 217 fines and made a few arrests for various violations of the Marine Resource Act over the festive period,” he said.


According to Shekutambe the ministry handed out 74 cobs larger than 70 centimeters in size to the Kuisebmond old age home and to the senior citizens' group in Naraville.

Seaside primary school received 10,3Kg of two Steenbras, 40kg of whole cob and 25kg fillets.


The Lions old age home received 46 rack lobsters, the Antonio Resdinze old age home received 46 and Prinzessin Rupercht Heim got 53.


“The government authorises the donation of fish fit for human consumption to old age homes, hospitals, welfare organisations, and needy communities in terms of the State Finance Act No. 31 of 1991. Regulations related to the exploitation of Marine Resources Act No. 27 of 2000 given the harvesting of marine resources for recreational purposes.”


“These regulations made in terms of the sections 61 (1) of the new Marine Resources Act come into force on 1 August 2001 and was amended on 7 December in 2001,” Shekutambe said.