Khorixas youth threaten to grab jobs, burn offices


A group of disgruntled youths from Khorixas have threatened to grab jobs that are being occupied by ‘outsiders’.


This comes after a peaceful demonstration at the town, where the youth expressed disappointment at the employment of ‘struggle kids’ at the town.


“We are serious about what we are going to do. It seems that nobody is taking us seriously. We are tired we need the President to come and see what is happening here.”


“Even if it means we have to start by walking into the government offices to start working we will do so. We do not have a choice” Reinhardt Namaseb an unemployed youth said.


 Another youth Willem Kaibab said that petitions have been futile and that their condition was only going to be improved by drastic means.


“I mean we have to take action by maybe burning down the offices and so that the people responsible for corruptly employing outsiders will also see that we are serious about employment issues. We have been in the streets for too long, are we supposed to die like this? I am 34 years old and still have not secured any decent job before.”


“The only jobs I usually get are in security but they do not pay me well at all. I studied boiler making at NIMT is Arandis and will be very happy if I am employed in our home town,” he said.


The leader of the concerned group Merceline Lambert said that as proof that the youth at the town is ready to work, they took mops and brooms to government offices where they started cleaning.


“Yes, that is the only way we can maybe show them that we are able to work to put bread on our tables. Our parents are old and it is about time that we as young people in Khorixas start to support them by means of working and taking care of them as they did for us ever since we were born. If the unemployed youth still depend on the old age grants of pensioners this just is not right.”


“Start employing our unemployed youth and see what difference it makes. As leaders, they are supposed to fight for us but they are still quiet. They did not even respond to our demands after we have handed over the petition,” she said.