LPM political party confirmation, a defeat of idiots- Swartbooi

A tumultuous celebration marked the confirmation of the Landless People’s Movement into a fully-fledged political party last week at the headquarters of the Electoral Commission of Namibia.


The official transformation serves to give the party enough ground to properly campaign and brace for a party congress to be scheduled at an undisclosed date.


Speaking to the media right after meeting the ECN officials, the party’s vibrant leader Bernadus Swartbooi vehemently asserted that this signaled a defeat of “idiots and nincompoops”.


He told journalists that this is the first time that a political party is registering under the new law which requires a party to show that it has a significantly recognizable base of support right across the country.


However, Swartbooi took the opportunity to launch salvos at deputy minister of state owned enterprises Veikko Nekundi who had objected to the LPM’s voters list.


According to the new provisions of the law, the list is a pre-requisite before registering a party but Swartbooi took a short at them as anti-democratic.


“It is a defeat, an extra-ordinary defeat of nincompoops, of idiots, of half-worked, half-schooled, half-baked, half-cooked, half literate and half healthy individuals who think just because they have legs on GRN cars that they can come here and impose their will on statutory institutions.”


He said Nekundi’s action was to try and influence the decision of the ECN, a statutory body.


“How can a young person who sat with me in the youth league as we were talking about democracy, as we were sharing information about corruption, about nepotism, about anti-democratic behavior of Geingob and others, how can such an individual become so extra-ordinarily cheap, that you go and try to be brave and launch an objection to people that you know are supremely intelligent than you are?”


“You know that deputy minister, you know it! I am speaking to that deputy minister, you know that your intellectual capacity can never match even a chicken in LPM! You know it and you know who you are, deputy minister! And therefore what we are saying is we have prevailed and we will continue to prevail because the revolution has just started,” he said.


 He described Nekundi’s objection as proxy which should not be allowed by the ECN.


Meanwhile, the party’s co-front-man Henny Seibeb said they will be vigorously addressing issues beyond the borders from the Venezuelan crisis to the castigation of human right violations in Zimbabwe.