We will accept defeat- Nudo former faction leaders


Shortly after putting aside their differences and holding hands, the two former factional leaders within the Nudo party have promised to accept any result that will come out of a congress to be held in a few months’ time.


Ester Muinjangue and Vetaruhe Kandorozu told journalists at a media conference held this week that they were not bigger than the party and would thus be available to help whoever emerges victorious.


Between the 18th and 20th of this month, internal meetings were held which resolved that Asser Mbai continues as the legitimate party leader until the extraordinary congress, that there be an out of court settlement and that there be an abolishment of factional politics.


The suspension of Muinjangue and her team was also lifted while a group tagged as the Kainamutui was appointed the party’s think-tank.


In the same fold, a national council meeting will be called before congress.


Mbai said the Kainamutui name is derived from a farm in the Stenhausen constituency were 16 party members gathered to discuss possible ways on how to solve party differences.


Responding to questions from The Villager, Mbai said this time around the party will do everything necessary to avoid a contested result.


The former rival factions inked a document of unity together with the president to jovial ululations from the party followers.


“As president of the party, I must applaud all of you for your resolve and foresightedness to bring this issue to its final conclusion. In the classical world of music, they say every song must surely come to an end, to this end our song has surely come to an end and we are striving to compose a new song of unity of purpose for our party,” said Mbai.


Muinjangue said there was nothing much, other than the leadership of the party that she stood to gain so much that she could stand in the way for unity, adding that she was fully employed at the University of Namibia.


She said she would lead her supporters into the congress and play in tune with their demands.


The unity comes in the eve of The Villager having reported that opposition parties fighting internal battles at court due to leadership wrangles were running on borrowed time as the year winds towards an anticipated election.


Nudo’s woes stemmed from a heavily disputed 2018 congress which suffered a set-back following a chaotic process that led to its postponing.


The matter escalated into de-campaigns and a drawn court battle that divided the party along loyalty lines.