Nudo’s warring factions reach settlement at last


Nudo’s two factions have reached a ceasefire after each claimed legitimacy over the party’s leadership throughout 2018, and have now finally reached a settlement ahead of critical election campaigns this year.


Councilor Josef Kauandenge who was one among the number that rooted for an Ester Muinjangue presidency confirmed with this publication the latest development.


He said a press conference has been scheduled for Wednesday at party headquarters to make the announcement.


“Because of the upcoming national elections this year we had no choice than to settle. We will rather go back to another congress by end of February and then we can start campaigning,” he said in a written response.


A press conference invitation regards Asser Mbai as party president and he would make the announcement flanked by party rivals, Kandorozu and Muinjangue.


Okakarara based Nudo factional leader, Kandorozu earlier hinted that there were overtures towards burying the hatchet to better position the party before the election fever builds up.


He had predicted that although there were no serious talks by the time, the party would be reunited to avoid a court date slated for March.


“We have behind the scene discussions on how we can come together. So I think very soon we will come out publicly. But as we speak right now there is not much development but our projection is that come the 18th of March, that was supposed to be the court day, it may not happen. We are positive that both parties will agree,” he said recently.


Although this suggests that the road to another congress is now open for Nudo, it is not clear whether there are adequate funds for it.


Meanwhile, Nudo spent a good part of the second half of 2018 in war-mode which culminated into Muinjangue and her supporters being suspended.


She took the fight to the courts which failed to bring a judgement in time while hopes were high that the party could take a second shot for another congress to bring back normalcy.


The initial congress was marred by violence and power jostling and although it got postponed, Muinjangue declared herself winner which led to a long-standing inter-party field.