Tourism makes N$39.4 million from gamblers


The ministry of environment and tourism has raked in a total amount of N$39.4 million from casinos and gambling houses during the 2018 financial period.


In the previous financial year, the ministry made a total of N$29.8 million.


Meanwhile, the minister tabled a draft law meant to control the gambling industry which is said to have an estimated 20 000 illegal slot machines right across the country.


The tabling of the gaming and entertainment control bill last year turned the directorate of tourism and gaming into a state-owned entity called the gambling board which will be presided over by eight officials.


The law shields gamblers, make sure more money flows to the state while the bill is bent to create a central monitoring system to track electronic slot machines across the country.


“This piece of legislation will not only ensure strict regulation of gambling activities, but has new provisions to protect the public who participate in these activities, and the national economy,” the minister is quoted as saying.


According to available data Namibia has 260 licensed slot machine operators, of which six are casinos, while 254 are gambling houses, Shifeta said.


There was a total of 2 845 registered slot machines (1 145 in casinos and 1 700 in gambling houses), which contribute N$22 million to government coffers annually, he added.