Alleged police victim in Nauyoma case speaks out


A woman who claimed to be the victim of a police officer who allegedly destroyed her shack after she rejected his sexual advances has finally spoken out.


Wilhemina Shipingana appeared at the Katutura Magistrates Court today in solidarity with Affirmative Repositioning supporters who were rooting for the release of Dimbulukeni Nauyoma.


Nauyoma was locked up in police holding cells after he allegedly attempted to stop the police from destroying the shack last week and was scheduled to make his first court appearance today.


He was consequently given N$500 bail today.


Commenting on the bail, AR’s Job Amupanda said, “First before we can say anything I should say the future won and the past lost. He got a bail of N$500.”

A High Court order has since had him released so he may seek medical treatment.


The woman opened up on her alleged predicament with the media which also resulted in claims that the police nearly broke the rib cage of the activist.


“Dimbulukeni heard about my situation. My shack was removed and I did not have anywhere to store my things, I was just in the sun. He insisted that it does not make sense to make me sleep in the open, and suggested that my shack be put back and then we can see the way forward by referring to what the law says.”


“When the police officers arrived they accused Dimbulukeni of misinforming the public and that they were going to arrest him. Dimbulukeni was assisting, his behavior was respectable,” narrated Shipingana.


She said that the shack has been dismantled and the iron sheets have since been confiscated.


She added that she opened a case against the man identified as Daniel who wanted to have sex with her in exchange for a place to set up her shack.  


When she followed up on the case last week Friday the man had not been arrested, and she was informed that she could only open a case if there was sexual contact.


“I am not at peace knowing that Dimbulukeni and others were arrested because they were fighting for the truth. The way forward will be to release them from jail. I spent these nights in a shack given to me by another woman in Wanaheda,” she told journalists. 


The mother of three said she met Daniel through an acquaintance and that he had offered her a place to set up her shack.


The woman said that she made it clear that she would not be able to pay for the shack because she was unemployed, after which the man replied that he expected ‘payment in bed’.


Meanwhile, scenes outside the court were marked by AR slogans while the movement kicked out an identified man whom they accused of being a spy.


“He is always being sent,” charged Amupanda as police officers attempted to calm down the commotion.


Meanwhile, Amupanda said his organisation was being targeted and slammed the police for being “used by the regime”.