Trouble in paradise as Omeya residential oasis gets in a water mess



There is trouble in paradise for the residents of Omeya Golf and Residential Oasis Estate as they are being required to dig deeper in their pockets to pay for water which is against the initial agreement, The Villager is reliably informed.


 The residents have approached a government representative via the regional council, for help.


Documents seen by The Villager show that the Khomas regional council has come out to demand answers from the estate’s directors Van Der Walt and De Wet as to why they were charging water which they are extracting from the ground without a permit.


Meetings have been held between regional councilor Penina Inge Ita and the two directors as well as stakeholders in order to find an amicable solution.


Ita has disclosed that she received information that residents continue to be charged in spite of previous meetings held between her office and the directors.


 She added that the estate only had a permit for water extraction and not distribution saying the one which they had last year expired on the 9th of May and is yet to be renewed.


She indicated that initially people had been attracted to the area due to the availability of water which was said to be included in their levies.


“People were promised that their levies included water and on top of that they also had a 30 cubic meter free water. So what I am understanding is that now they are being charged and these tariffs are not gazetted. A natural resource before you sell it, you need to have an approved tariff and that can only be done by the cabinet of this country,” she said.


Now needed to pay for the water, Ita said it was becoming difficult for residents who have to fork out N$50 000 plus a bond to live on the estate and were being charged for water by the litre.


If this is to include fuel and food expenses, the burden becomes unbearable, she said.


“We appreciate the development but the development should not exploit people. We are all inter-dependent one way or the other,” she said.


The Villager is informed that some who had not paid were having their water suspended which has frustrated residents.

 She said they were waiting to have another meeting soon and end the problem.


The estate directors were said to be in a meeting when contacted by this publication while the chief executive officer for the Omeya Home Owners Association was unreachable.


“There also seems to be a conflict of interest because the chairperson of the home owners is appointed by the developer. At the same time also serves as an accountant or doing books for the developers. Therefore he does not carry the interests of the home owners,” Ita disclosed.