Police identify Otjiwarongo/Otavi accident victims

The Namibian police have identified the remains of people that burnt beyond recognition in two separate accidents which occurred in the Otjiwarongo/Otavi main road in August and November last year.


After the collisions, the remains were dispatched to the Windhoek Police Mortuary where DNA samples were taken and forwarded to the National Forensic Science Institute for analyses and identification purposes, the police said.


The DNA process was ultimately completed on the 5th of January 2019 and the remains from the August 2018 accident identified as follows:


Guxas Theresia (40), Haufiku Zoey Iyaloo (06), Makinge Star Nolitha (04), Makinge Marianne (67), Makinge Lazarus (69) and Musakarakuma Markus (41).


Remains for victims of the November 2019 accident were identified as follows:


Andres Magnaem (63), Efraim Julia (52), Kaukungwa Saara Ndapandula (01), Malangu Krista Kavelishimwe (46), Martin Helalia Mwayalonge (49), Mweenda Rauna Tulela (20) and Ulitala Wilhem Hishitelwa (54).


“The Namibian police force humbly apologises for any inconveniences that this necessary but long process may have caused and further extends its sympathy and condolences to the bereaved families,” said the police in a written statement.


Further arrangements have been confirmed to be in place to transport the remains to their respective families in the regions.