ECN responds to accusations of messing up LPM voters list


The Electoral Commission of Namibia has refuted allegations that it is responsible for misspellings and duplications of the Landless People’s Movement’s voters’ list claiming the issue has been sensationalised.


The accusations also stretch to as far as the LPM being responsible for the inclusion of deceased people in its submission of over 3 500 names.


Speaking to this publication, chief electoral officer Theophilus Mujoro said his organisation will consider the objections being raised, conduct a commission meeting end of this week to look into the alleged mess before calling the LPM next week to begin the rectification process.


He confirmed that LPM will have a whole month to correct its list, as per the law citing that there was nothing serious about the list that should bar the party from being fully registered.


“I am scrutinizing the objections that were lodged with the view to ascertain the veracity of the claims that you are talking about,” he said.


Mujoro said if these objections were to be found to be lawful the commission will have to decide whether to uphold them and later be obliged to engage LPM.


“We will talk to them to inform them about the objections and this will be happening in 14 days after the 12th which was Saturday. And then call in the LPM people to say, hey listen so and so objects to your application especially the names and these are the grounds.”


“Depending on that explanation that we will get from the LPM people the commission will take a decision to say fine we uphold these objections, they are valid and lawful. Suppose that process results into the LPM not being able to have the required number of names per region then the commission will tell them that they are required to have X number of names.”


“If after the objection process you are falling short, as an example let’s say with a 100 names, so the LPM will be given a chance, this is all in the law, to go and collect the additional names so that their application becomes effective,” said Mujoro.


He said LPM has submitted to them handwritten names some of which resulted in being misspelled due to mere typing errors.


The party itself seems not to be sweating about the messed list if the communication between The Villager and co-founder Henny Seibeb and party spokesperson Utaara Uti Moota is anything to go by.


The objections themselves do not bar the party from applying while LPM has another chance to make a resubmission.

“It’s not a matter of life and death. I don’t know why people are making a fuss out of it,” Mujoro weighed in.


Mujoro said the issue of the inclusion of dead people was “not a big deal” as this was common for all parties that people can die even during the polls.


Meanwhile, Seibeb told this publication that the blame for the mess in their list should also be put on justice minister Sacky Shanghala who rubberstamped it upon reception from the ECN without doing a thorough verification of spellings.


The party is anticipated to hold a press briefing on the matter this week Thursday.