Camilla’s killer begs for forgiveness from parents


Emotions gripped a Windhoek High Court this week when a 22-year-old man who raped and killed 16-year old Camilla Steyn in Rehoboth poured out his heart to beg for forgiveness from her mother.


The murder occurred in November 2016 in the Block B residential area of Rehoboth.


Eldrin Goliath admitted to having been heavily influenced by drugs and alcohol and described the horrific death of Steyn, whom he grabbed by the neck and strangulated until she passed away, as an unintended crime which occurred in a moment.


But this was not after the deceased’s mother, Elize Steyn told the court that Goliath was a danger to society who should be locked away for a very long time.

The mother of four summoned enough energy to tell the court that her life had changed tremendously since the untimely death of her daughter who had hopes of being a chartered accountant one day.


She broke down and wept in grief saying she did not wish what happened to her daughter to fall on anyone’s child, even her enemies’.


“All this time I am on medication and seeing a psychologist. I am no more productive as before. The house is not the same anymore,” she said via an interpreter.


She said her daughter died when she was just in grade 10 and was glad that Goliath got convicted which to her was “justice served”.


Goliath was visibly distraught by the time he took to the witness stand asking for another chance in life and telling Judge Christie Liebenberg that he had since given his life to God.


He was just a twenty-year-old unemployed young man the night he was in the company of Steyn after having left a club.


She wanted to be taken home and had called her boyfriend to be picked up, but being under the influence of alcohol she ended up in an unfinished house where Goliath raped her.


Steyn had sent a shout for help to her boyfriend saying “a boy wouldn’t let me alone” before her phone went off and the next morning she was found dead.

The court found that Goliath had raped and strangulated before stealing her running shoes and a cell phone which he intended to sell for a few hundred dollars.

The police quickly hunted him down and after an attempt to flee, he got apprehended, taken into custody where he said he got a chance to recollect what had transpired.


“I am aware I have broken people’s hearts and caused sadness. I will regret the decision for the rest of my life and I made a decision that will haunt me till I die. No one will learn but myself,” he said in a tense voice.


Goliath said it was not in his intention to strangle the young girl out of her life.

“To the family of the deceased, my apologies for my actions which have left a gap that no one will fill. Please forgive me. My Lord, my actions have robbed a community and the nation,” he said.


Yet the state prosecutor did not take him seriously and in his submissions, to the judge, he stamped that the young man was simply giving a “planned and prepared speech”.


He pressed for the court to slap him with a life sentence or 35 years for murder with direct intent.


He also asked for the court to punish him with another 15 to 20 years for rape and five years for theft.


Meanwhile, Goliath never finished his school up to grade 12 before he dabbled into menial work and got involved with drugs.


He testified that he never had a relationship with his father and grew up hopping from Keetmanshoop to Rehoboth and later to Tsumeb and had tried to take on a travel tourism career but to no avail.


Although he told the court that he would like to give back to the community via his skills and knowledge, he failed to tell the prosecutor what skills he had, although he said he was now writing an HIV/AIDS-related book.


He also said the court made a mistake to convict him of murder “with direct intent” and said in spite of what the deceased’s mother had said, he never thought of himself as a danger to society.


Goliath will be sentenced on the 14th of December this year.