Mother of slain child testifies against father


The mother of a child who is suspected to have died at the hands of his father, Stella Fatima Simbo testied that her ex-boyfriend might have been motivated to commit the murder due to rumours that the child was in fact not his.


The father, Simon Muno Reeves Dawid (47) is being suspected of having been behind the murder of his then four-year-old son in July 2015, Athanosius Katholo Reeves Simbo.


He was found slain in Dawid’s Katutura house and this week the mother said she remembered him asking her if the child was indeed his and expressed an interest to take a DNA test.


Dawid and Simbo broke up in 2012, and by the time of the death of the child, he was with her in Katutura while the mother was in the North.


However, Simbo said she came down to see the boy a day before he got murdered after the ex-boyfriend had asked her to come.


“The accused called me saying I miss you mother of my child. So I went and he bought me beer. As we sat enjoying, he brought up a story that there was a rumour that he was not the father of the child.”


“He requested for blood tests. I told him to go ahead as I had no problem with it. He said he would wait until the child was five and that if the child was not his I must pay all the costs to him,” she testified.


Simbo also said that when she asked him who had told him the supposed rumour, he said it had come from “the people at the big shops”.

She also said that he was visibly angry and a bit drunk when he was speaking to her about this.


“He was saying I’m tired of people saying it’s not my child. I ended with telling him to go take the blood tests,” she said.


She also recalled asking him to give her the child so she could take him to the north but he refused saying he was sick.


The state prosecutor asked if she had seen any visible signs of sickness to which she said he had a swollen neck which she asked the father about.


A firefighter, Ace Mulemwa Kulatau also testified that the child died when they arrived at the scene where he lay on his back with dried blood in his nose and mouth.

He also said he had a deformed head.


“We searched for signs of life. There was no pulse of breathing for more than five minutes and we declared him dead,” he said.