NamPol screens 46 000 drivers in three month – Ndeitunga


The Namibian Police Traffic Unit has screened at least 46 000 drivers from the 1stof  August to the 31st of October this year, chief of police, Sebastian Ndeitunga has said.


Of the total screening, about 7 000 were female and 39 000 were male while a total of 262 drivers were arrested for various offences, he said.


“Out of the number of drivers that were arrested 241 drivers were male and 6 female drivers. This simply means that men are main culprits in non-compliance to our traffic laws. Approximately 5 590 summons were issued over the same period with a total value of over N$5.6 million.”


“During the same period in comparison to August 2017 to October 2017, we have noticed the reduction from 1 670 to 1 424 which represent a 15% reduction. The fatalities also reduced from 64 to 48 over the same period last year, which represents a 25% reduction in road traffic accidents over the same period,” he said.


Ndeitunga also said that reductions in road traffic accidents, fatalities and injuries were reached through the joint efforts of various stakeholders.


“If all goes well this year the operation will continue up to July next year and therefore the Namibian Police force appreciates all effort by stakeholders. We call all road users to be vigilant in protecting themselves, their families and other road users during the festive season.”


“Our aim is to curb instances of drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, reckless driving and to ensure that drivers and their vehicles are fit to be on our national roads. It takes a lot of planning, commitment and determination to make these kinds of operations a success, ” he said.