Namibians to represent the country in ten sports codes


Namibian youth will be representing the country in ten sports codes at the upcoming AUSC Region 5 Youth Games in Botswana, Gaborone from the 7th to the 16th of December.


The minister of sports, Erastus Uutoni encouraged the teams to do well in their respective sports codes at a send-off ceremony held at the ministry sports offices on Thursday (29 November) in Windhoek.


“You are Namibian and you are the bravest. You come from the land of the brave and that is what you are going to show your opponents at these games. I can see that you look ready and very energetic. Now you have to challenge your opponents with all the energy you have in order to bring home gold medals.”


“You now have the opportunity to prove to us that we have indeed chosen and sent the right sportsmen and women that deserve to be on the team,” he said.


Uutoni also said that he needs to see every child within the region represented in the near future and not only from regions that have good sports facilities at their disposal.


“Each and every child in the regions must be given opportunities such as these. We are working on a reward policy for winners and I would like to tell you that you will have the opportunity to be rewarded as from next year if possible. I encourage you all to be leaders in sports. We will soon establish a sports museum to preserve the history of sports in Namibia.”


“I also want to see all of you win so please come back with gold medals. Do your best to bring home medals. Your photo might just end up in the sports museum wall and you will have an opportunity to tell your children about the good days you had as a sportsperson,” he said.


The youth are going to take part in sports codes including, Athletics; Athletics for the visually impaired; Basketball; Boxing; Football; Netball; Tennis; Judo and Volleyball.